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The Latest from the Grimoire Pages

Zodiac Oil

Hello lovely people. Although we do not like to constantly plug in our product within the Grimoire Pages, we have something that we just can’t stop talking about. Our coven member Amber Firefly has created some new oils designed to enhance your zodiac sign. The collection is currently listed on our Etsy shop page, butContinue reading “Zodiac Oil”

Herbology 101

No, we will not be repotting mandrakes with Professor Sprout today, but instead taking this week to touch on magical herbs and plants. One could argue that green witchcraft has become one of the most common types of witchcraft to date. There are practitioners that practice heavily with herbs and plants, while there are othersContinue reading “Herbology 101”


Our line of witchy products

Our body care products are top quality and offer a magical touch to your healthcare routine.

Wear your magic with pride with our line of jewelry that will surely stand out from the rest!

Enhance your craft with our handcrafted ritual oils, home spray, and tools.

Meet us better

The Grimoire Sisters

Kris (KC)

White Magic, Green Magic, and Conjuring Consultant

Roslyn Grey

Sigil Magic, Green Magic, Dark Magic, Rune and Tarot Consultant


Gem Magic, Green Magic, and Fire Element Consultant

Raevyn Mun

Spell Magic, Green Magic, Candle Magic, and Water Element Consultant

Our motto:

The Grimoire Sisters Apothecary was founded by a small coven in North Carolina. Our bloodlines steeped with the magic of the Appalachian Mountains, we began a new venture to share the wisdom and sisterly love through our magic and craft. 

Each product, crafted by one of our sisters, is rendered with care and preserves the old magic of our ancestors. Each product is crafted with the finest quality ingredients and materials so that you, our patron, is guaranteed the best. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Beautiful product and very potent energies within.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Highly recommend”

Amazing energy quality. The first time I used this I literally felt like my body was a puddle of (Happy and relaxed) goo afterwards.

Repeat Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic quality”

The beard oil smells great. I wont just put anything on my face. They obviously care about long term effects and happy clients.

Ben H.

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